Fastag as its name suggest FAST – Tag it is a tag used for payment purpose in various applications like on Toll plazas, Parking stations, Fuel stations etc. Currently it is used on Toll plazas across all National Highways in India.

Fastag is cheapest electronic toll collections system than other system all over the world , in other countries some costly equipment like transponder are used for toll collection. Electronic toll collection system firstly originated in country Norway, by using this system vehicle does not need to stop at toll plazas for paying toll charges he can just pass through toll gate charges get automatically deducted from their account reducing road traffic and time also saves fuel, cheapest that traditional toll collection system as it reduces staff requirement.

Fastag is consist a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification Device) chip which stores all vehicle data as well as its owner data. Toll gates are equipped with RFID reader for reading this RFID chip thus payment gets deducted from their fastag wallet or bank account. Overall payment process completed in just 5 to 10 seconds which reduces huge traffic lanes at toll gates also toll operators for collecting toll payments. All payments with Fastag are done through Indian centralized payment agency NPCI ( National Payments Corporation India).

In India Fastag system was initially setup as a pilot project in 2014 on Mumbai Ahmedabad highway after successful operation it is then used on various major National Highways and on 15 December 2019 it is made mandatory on all National Highways across India. Vehicle without Fastag will charge double of its toll charges for passing through fastag lane. Later on Government will implement electronic toll collection system on various applications like all State highways , Parking , and fuel stations for ease of payment and for reducing traffic lanes thus it reduces stopping for the purpose of physical payment.

This sticker should be pasted on front windshield for RFID to scan immediately when vehicle enters at toll gates. There are types of RFID readers also based on its coverage as 5 Meter to 10 Meters range.

Q1. What is GPS Based Toll Collection System?

Ans.: At first all vehicles will be installed with GPS Receiver Devices which are connected to government central server. This GPS receiver “OBU” (On Boarding Unit) will calculate the total distance travelled by the vehicle on toll road, by calculating total fare the charges will debited from their wallet linked to that vehicle. The OBU will consist micro controller with 3G connectivity to transmit GPS data.
If this system gets implemented then all toll plazas will be removed making Fast, Smooth and secure toll collection system.


From Where I can get fastag for my vehicle?

Ans: Fastag can be issued from various point of sales with its activation. Point of sale can be searched from internet at your location. Also it is available on all E-commerce platforms.

My vehicle is private is there any special type of Fastag for private and commercial vehicle?

Ans: Fastag is same for commercial as well as private vehicle, it is to be choosed either commercial or private while activation as toll charges are different for both the vehicle.

I have truck goods carrying , so there are any types of fastags for car, truck etc?

Ans : Yes, vehicle class wise Fastags are classified and vehicle class is classified by their axles and gross vehicle weight. Classification is as follows:

  • Tag class 4 : Consist vehicles – Car, Jeep, Van, Tata Ace or similar mini light commercial vehicle whose GVW is below 7500 Kgs. Class 4 Fastag is of violet color.
  • Tag class 5 : Consist vehicles-Light commercial vehicle with 2 axles and Mini bus whose GVW is between 7500 Kgs to 12000 Kgs. Class 5 fastag is of orange color.
  • Tag Class 6 Consist vehicles-Light commercial vehicle with 3 Axles, Bus with 3Axles, Truck 3 Axles (Rigid Body) and Truck 3Axles ( Semi Articulated Body) whose GVW is between 16000 Kgs to 25000 Kgs. Class 6 fastag is of Yellow color.
  • Tag class 7 Consist vehicles-Bus 2 Axles ans truck 2 Axles whose GVW is between 12000 Kgs to 16200 Kgs. Class 7 Fastag is of green color.
  • Tag class 12 Consist Vehicles- Truck 4 Axles whose GVW is between 25000 Kgs to 36600 Kgs. Truck 5 Axles whose GVW is between 36600 Kgs to 45400 Kgs. Truck 6 Axles whose GVW is between 45400 Kgs to 54200 Kgs. Class 12 Fastag is of Pink color.
  • Tag class 15 Consist Vehicles- Truck multi axles 7 and above whose GVW is below 54200 Kgs. Class 15 Fastag is of Skyblue color.
  • Tag class 16 Consist Vehicles- Earth Moving Machinery and Heavy Construction Machinery. Class 16 Fastag is of Black in Color.

One can ask for above fastags for their vehicles and toll charges are levied on these class wise.

What is the activation process for Fastag and is it needs KYC as payment is done through digital wallet?

Ans: Activation process involves customer information like his name, mobile number, mail id also vehicle information to be submitted. As per Indian Government guidelines every digital wallet whose transaction is exceeding above 10000 Rs. Needs KYC for their wallet upgradation and their transaction limit will increase upto 1 lakh same is applied for Fastag wallet also. It need documents like Aadhar card, Passport and Pan card for KYC and it can be done by customer itself by uploading same documents on his own fastag account.