GPS Toll Base System

Q1. What is GPS Based Toll Collection System?

Ans.: At first all vehicles will be installed with GPS Receiver Devices which are connected to government central server. This GPS receiver “OBU” (On Boarding Unit) will calculate the total distance travelled by the vehicle on toll road, by calculating total fare the charges will debited from their wallet linked to that vehicle. The OBU will consist micro controller with 3G connectivity to transmit GPS data.
If this system gets implemented then all toll plazas will be removed making Fast, Smooth and secure toll collection system.

Q2. Is FASTag system is going to End?

Ans.: Yes, as of now government is planning to end current toll collection system via FASTag. FASTag system has some drawbacks resulting long ques at toll plaza to overcome this and country like India with huge road infrastructure GPS based toll collection will work better than Automatic Number Plate recognition and FASTag. The existing wallet can be used for making toll transactions as this is not confirmed yet.

Parameter FASTag GPS Based Toll Collection System
Device Technology Uses RFID to store data and scanning at toll plazas Will use GPS receiver to calculate distance and Fare
Toll Collection Wallet connected to FASTag Can be through wallet connected to OBU
Calculating Fare Toll fare is fixed for all distance travelled on toll road Toll fare will be calculated based on distance travelled on toll road.
Payment Collection Stationary Toll Plazas Required No need of Toll Plazas

How GPS receiver will calculate Fare?

Ans.: Currently globally various satellite navigation system GNSS available like,

  • American GPS ( Global Positioning System)
  • Indian IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System) or NavIC (Navigation with Indian Constellation)
  • European Galileo
  • Chinese BeiDou
  • vi)Japanese QZSS

The On Boarding Unit will work on Indian satellite system IRNSS (Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System). When a vehicle exits the toll road the OBU will calculate total distance travelled by vehicle, calculating toll fare based on the distance travelled the amount will be deducted from their wallet. Existing toll plazas will be removed making smooth flow at toll roads.

Q4. When the GPS based toll collection system is going to implement?

Ans.: According to sources Government is planning to implement this system from December 2022 but date is not specified by Indian Government. Actually it is not confirmed yet whether ANPR or GPS based toll collection system is going to implement. It will challenging for government to implement this system and provide the devices at cheap rates.